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IPN Stands for Indian Professional Network. It is an Organization based in Metro Atlanta.It was started in 1993 by Dr Narsi Narasimhan. When IPN was formed, there were very few Indian Professionals in the Atlanta Region…

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Events & Networking

We provide regular network gatherings, for people of all professional and business backgrounds, to provide a venue for “speed networking”.  Meet the whole group and introduce yourself, to gain maximum exposure.


Be motivated, inspired and learn by our range of speakers. They have a wealth of knowledge to be passed on, so that you don’t have to learn the hard way.

Workshops & Classes

From personal coaching to Office courses, learn the art of networking to advance your business. Build you client base or enhance your inter-office communication. Your business will never look back.


Narsi Narasimhan

Ravi Ponangi

Rajan vedak

Sudhir Agarwal

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